Wednesday, June 20, 2007

LTSP Improvements

As Ollie blogged, we've been busy little beavers in LTSP-land.

Vagrant Cascadian and Ollie pulled a nice little rabbit out of their hats with the move to NBD for the home drive. It was a lot of work, but thanks to LTSP's plugin system, only took them a few days to get going. Nice.

The LTSP Display Manager runs locally, and as such, might be running on some fairly low-end hardware. It was written in Python before, and although I'm a big fan of Python, it's probably not the best choice for a Pentium 75 with 32 megs of ram. As well, Gideon Romm's excellent suggestion on how to integrate secure-but-slower X over SSH with insecure-but-faster X the normal way within the display manager was enough to make us decide that LDM needed a C rewrite. So off we went. Two weeks later, we've got something to crow about.

After we get the speed improvements put to bed, we need to attack the Virtual HAL devices, and, a burning issue for me at work here, Palm support.

We're making good progress on the specs, and we should have some nice things to show off for Gutsy.

To re-iterate Ollie's plea: if you're running an LTSP network, give Gutsy a try. We LOVE feedback.



a2dxer said...

Any chance of backports of this new LTSP goodness for Feisty Fawn?

Gavin said...

This stuff sounds great.

NBD for the home drive? Care to elaborate? NBD means a network block device right, so what block device is being shared out to the clients?

I think it's time I had a look at gutsy.