Friday, November 14, 2008

Great moments in #ltsp democracy

10:42 <wima> for the moment, i just disabled those damn floppies
10:42 <vagrantc> i wonder if we shouldn't put some sort of check in ltspfs to detect the "user not in own group" problem
10:43 <rjune> perhaps it should be documented
10:43 <sbalneav> rjune++
10:43 <sbalneav> I volunteer rjune.
10:43 <sbalneav> all in favour?
10:43 <vagrantc> ++
10:43 <sbalneav> ++
10:44 <wima> ++
10:44 <jammcq> rjune++
10:44 <rjune> dammit


Anonymous said...

That should be 'I voluntell rjune'.

James Cape said...

Also, sbalneav voted twice.

Scott Balneaves said...

I voted once for the good sentiment, and once for the actual volunteering :)

Jonathan Carter said...

Heh, that'll teach him!