Tuesday, March 29, 2011

xexit reaches 1.0. Thanks Juha

Thanks to a nice article by Juha, I put in some polishing on xexit, my solution to rotten processes that just don't know when to quit on LTSP servers.

I've included a (slightly modified) version of Juha's script (and, of course, added him to the AUTHORS file), got a proper manpage for it, and done some packaging.

Certain members of the Brazillian hyper-geniuses have indicated it may be possible to get someone to sponsor it for Debian.

In the meantime, users looking to try it can check my ppa, and grab the 1.0 version there. Note that the xexit scripts you need will be in the /usr/share/docs/xexit directory, and should be copied to /etc/Xexit.d. I don't install them there by default, as they're Gnome specific, and I don't wish to aggrivate (by default) users of other fine desktops.


slashdotaccount said...

The maintainers of LTSP on Debian are nice folks, I suggest that you mail them about it.

Dan said...
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Mr. RCollins said...

Any chance the xexit will work under Natty for Edubuntu 11.04?